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Operation Ecocide 

This full-scale/Full Mission Profile (FMP) exercise was scenario-driven and focused to support the combined efforts of various first response organizations within Contra Costa County, Alameda County, federal, state, other local response agencies, the 95th Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Civil Support Team (CST), Port of Oakland First Responders and the FBI.

First Scenario:

On the morning of 26 July 2016, a pilot for a Kinder Morgan aircraft notices a leak on the pipeline off of Iron Horse Trail while conducting routine aerial checks. Kinder Morgan is notified of the leak and follows proper protocol to ensure the leak is contained; all surrounding valves are disabled, etc. Kinder Morgan notifies all necessary parties to respond in an effort to conduct oil spill cleanup (San Ramon PD, FD, OSPR, EPA, Contra Cost County Hazmat).

Due to the high traffic area and nature of the spill, San Ramon PD arrives on scene to ensure safety, close off roads, etc. San Ramon HAZMAT FD is requested to conduct area monitoring to verify that contaminates are from the pipeline and that the area is safe for a follow-on cleanup crew.

San Ramon FD conducts a second reconnaissance, closer to the source of the leak. During their recon, they notice something that looks suspicious underneath the oil sheen; resembling an explosive device. San Ramon FD immediately exit the oil spill zone, notifies law enforcement and all other responding agencies.

San Ramon PD request Walnut Creek Bomb Squad assistance to make entry on target; identify and isolate the threat. Practice FBI notifications.

San Ramon PD and FD work in conjunction with EOD to create a plume model isolate and deny entry.

San Ramon PD makes proper notifications through the media (detailing shelter in place/evacuate/etc.) and requests for any intelligence to be brought to police.

EOD makes entry into hazardous area with proper PPE selection. EOD recognizes the Pipe Bomb in the tree and the pressure plate at base of the tree and renders the area safe, allowing for continued efforts of spill cleanup.

Scenario two (2)


Intel is brought forward from concerned citizen in the form of a photo of license plate number New York, EXB-2400. Driver of vehicle looked to be doing something suspicious at the pipeline that morning. Intel is sent to FBI POC, who trace information and address to new target location. HAZMAT and EOD response requested at target location: 6100 Camino Tassajera Road, San Ramon, California.

License Plate New York, EXB-2400 belongs to John Kayhill, address 6100 Camino Tassajera, San Ramon, CA 94582. Kayhill is a PhD chemist at a Bay Area university and an outspoken environmental extremist who advocates environmental protection through force, violence, or criminal activity. Kayhill is currently under FBI investigation and has, according to source reporting, been training other like-minded individuals with the stated purpose of building a device (NFI) to “take out” fossil fuel power plants as well as the ports and rail cars that may be used in the transportation of coal. Kayhill is believed to subscribe to the basic philosophies of environmental groups or movements such as the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) or Earth First (EF!).

Kayhill is not solely being investigated for his constitutionally protected free speech, but in light of actions he is reported to be undertaking to train individuals to commit criminal and possibly violent action to further his stated goals. Possible violations include the following statutes or conspiracy to violate the following statutes:

  • 18 US Code Section 1366, Destruction of an energy facility
  • 18 US Code Section 81, Arson with Special Maritime and 
Territorial Jurisdiction
  • 18 US Code Section 841, Importation, Manufacture, Distribution 
and Storage of Explosive Materials
  • 18 US Code Section 2332a, Use of Weapon of Mass Destruction

Responding agencies report to the secondary location to conduct initial entry, reconnaissance and analysis (sampling) of home/Clandestine Lab. Responding agencies were:

  • Walnut Creek EOD
  • Contra Costa County HAZMAT team
  • 95th WMD-CST
  • San Ramon Police Department
  • San Ramon HAZMAT
  • San Ramon Fire Department
  • FBI HRT representatives
  • California Department of Fish and Game
  • California Department of Spill Prevention

EOD makes initial entry on home to render safe and clear of explosive materials, followed by joint HAZMAT entry

Scenario three (3):


Due to intelligence from 26 July 2016 response, multiple agencies throughout the Oakland / Alameda County area have been put on alert and are staged throughout Oakland due to the high threat level and anticipated response.

At approximately 0800, a credentialed truck driver enters in the Port of Oakland. The driver has mounted a discrete toolbox dispersal device to the down wind side of his vehicle, so as not to be noticed. Once the driver has entered Matson Terminal/Berth 63, his primary destination, the dispersal device is activated.

Multiple longshoremen are quickly overcome with symptoms possibly indicating nerve agent or organophosphate exposure. Port of Oakland security manager is alerted that an event is occurring, notifies local law enforcement.

Oakland PD arrived on scene first, and attempts to make entry into Berth 63 to assist with casualties. and are overcome with symptoms and unable to exit Berth 63. PD notifies dispatch of situation. Dispatch notifies all Hazmat and FD first response agencies of possible chemical leak or attack, along with victim symptomology and number of casualties.

 Oakland FD, 95th WMD-CST, Alameda Fire Department are on stand-by Middle Harbor Shoreline Park (address: 2777 Middle Harbor Road, Oakland, CA 94607) at time of dispersal. Once dispatch receives notification of potential chemical threat, Oakland Fire Department responds to location (SSA Berth 63 at 1579 Middle Harbor Road Oakland, CA 94523). Oakland FD responders identify the incident as a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) with a potential for chemical exposure. Oakland FD established the ICP and contacts dispatch to request additional resources. Through proper notification procedures Alameda County FD and 95th WMD CST are requested to support Oakland Fire Department.

Responding agencies are notified that there is a concern for life safety, patient extraction, and potential use of chemical warfare. It was determined that Oakland Fire Department will utilize their mass decontamination corridor to facilitate the quick extraction and transportation of casualties. (95th WMD-CST decon element to assist).

Alameda County Fire Department, 95th WMD-CST made entry into “hot zone” to conduct patient rescue, triage, and process casualties through DECON corridor. First responders ensured the dispersal device is no longer active while in hot zone to reduce further contamination.

Patients were all properly triaged and processed through the decontamination corridor (facilitated by Oakland FD, and one 95th WMD- CST decon element). After gross decon was completed, the patients were then transported (nationalized) by local EMS to various hospitals in the surrounding areas. Communication was made amongst first responders, EMS, and receiving hospitals.

Once all patients have were extracted from hot zone, and dispersal device has been mitigated, follow on discussion occurred regarding the next objectives. It was determined that deliberate samples must be taken from the dispersal device, to be processed through the 95th WMD-CST ALS, and FBI.

FBI will assume the lead on sampling tactics, techniques and procedures. (This doubled as a hands-on instructional guide to demonstrate proper FBI sampling procedures to members of the Survey team, 95th WMD-CST, and any other interested participants).

Once samples were collected, and the dispersal device was contained, patients have all been safely extracted and transported, mission was deemed complete. There was a discussion led by exercise developers and ICAD regarding what the next step in the process would be and if any follow on missions are necessary. At this point the exercise was indexed and ICAD conducted the AAR wrapping up the tree day exercise.

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