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All ICAD courses are continually updated to reflect the evolving threat, changes in friendly/enemy TTPs, weapons intelligence and unit training requirements.  Student feedback and unclassified operational reports are used to maintain currency and relevance.


Other SOF related training and services provided by ICAD and associates:

  • TTP Verification and Testing
  • Advanced Diagnostics RSP Development
  • Rapid Prototyping and Tool Development
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Advanced Operations Security
  • Static Convoy Security
  • Manual Breaching
  • Explosive Breaching




Explosive Exploitation Site Bag (EES)

Designed to allow the operator to safeley take samples of Home Made Explosives.  The kit is complosed of de-sensitizer, electrostatically safe containers and sampling tools, contained in a "Durex desert cammo textile bag" overpacked for transport in a hardened "Pelican case"






Pocket Line and Tool Kit (P-LAT)


This product is in high demand for EOD personnel engaged in dismounted operations supporting direct action military and SWAT organizations.  The tool fits comfortably into a cargo pocket during patrol and element movement.  When a suspicous item is located the tool attaches the line to item (with various clamps) and reels out to a distance (using available cover) and locks tight enabling the tech to remotely pull on the device.  After the procedure the no-tangle reel recovers the line and tool for further operations.



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