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  Operation Enduring Freedom(OEF)/Operation

Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Domestic IED Training Aids




ICAD is dedicated to providing first responders the most realistic training aids that replicate IEDs found throughout the world.  Our ensemble of CENTCOM based training aids are developed from the theater of operations and are identified by the WTI lexicon  convention numbering system that references the fringe switching component of the IED.

Our domestic line of IED training aids is compiled from data bomb data matrixes, focused on likely scenarios relevant to the client’s area of responsibility. Older-discontinued devices may also be replicated based on the clients need to maintain familiarity or on the reemergence of those devices in the clients area of responsibility (AOR).

Training devices are not limited to items in this catalog. Custom orders for demonstrations, briefings or specialized WMD training may be requested. Once the client identity has been verified and the order has been shipped the customer must complete a signed DA Form 3161 (located in the back of this catalog) and return to ICAD for inventory control.


Ordering Information


The training aids in the catalog are restricted to US Military, Police and State Department approved OCONUS forces granted ITARs approval.  The unit POC making the request is responsible to maintain accountability.  Approved recipients of ICAD training aids are required to sign for them at the point of delivery.


Devices can be ordered individually or as a Regional Command (RC) Training Device Kit. Units are limited to two (2) RC Kits and/or one display board per order. Standard orders take approximately 12 working days to complete. Display boards have lowest priority for production and may take additional time. Orders are picked up at the shop or shipped via FedEx to the approved delivery location.

Once the order has been registered and shipped, you will be noted by email or telephone of the shipment and provided a Tracking Control Number (TCN).  Shipping time depends on the shipping priority requested during the order process.  For delays in shipping please contact FedEx for an explanation of shipping details.

Once the order is delivered, the receiving party is required to inventories the shipment and returns a signed DA Form 3161 to ICAD. Signed hand receipts can be mailed or sent by email to:





                      Or snail mailed to:

Innovative Concepts and Design Inc.

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For an electronic copy of the comlplete catalog content, contact ICAD at (360)298-6509.  Due to security reasons we can not post the catalog contents here. All customers requesting a catalog will be vetted for athorization as either law enforcement or military.


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